Artist Statement

Compression is an ongoing work that investigates perceptions of time and memory and how we use photography to organize our histories. I became keenly aware of how our perceptions can seem to alter time as I became a father for the first time. My daughter born with trisomy 18 was given hours or possibly days to live. Time became compressed. How do we live in just a short time? What can we experience? When asked by my daughters physician what do you want to do the only words that I could manage were I want to take her home. I wanted her to experience the home we had built for her. We did make it home with our daughter and she made it much further than anyone expected. As the days grew into months we investigated together what it means to share a life. What is important? Home was everything. The interactions and relationships formed while carrying out the required everyday task of life became a way for me to not only experience my daughter but for her to know me. It is this every day experience in the home and the relationships fostered in this environment that my work investigates. I compress multiple exposures of everyday life into one image. I investigate repetitiveness and relationships in a domestic environment. These works just as family photos are windows into the past. Capturing but never quite completely what it means to be home.